2D Play Tetris

2D Play Tetris

In 2D Play Tetris, rules are the same: rotate and navigate Tetris tetrominoes to prevent the blocks pile up to the top.

As a random block falls down the playing field, your job is to move the piece around until you figure out the best landing position and orientation. The better you fill up space and fewer gaps you have, the more points you score. Sometimes, the pieces are coming in shapes not exactly working in your favor. It’s not like the game ‘knows’ what shape you expect, but it’s rather a matter of luck.

More about tetrominos here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetromino . Generally tetrominos are 4 block shapes which are not necessarily refered to Tetris game, but is a general name for such geometrical shapes.

So not only that you need to ‘predict’ the next shape, figure out the best position for the current one, but generally, the Tetris requires a bit of luck to solve the puzzle. Yet, some players are better than the others, so just like in any other game, practice makes perfect.

If you need more information about tetrominos shapes, colors, gravity, some history lessons, here’s a good page for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris

Basically, what makes difference between a good Tetris game and a bad one, is how much the developer made in providing a good balance between the speed, score increments, and the level hardness. I mentioned the prediction in the previous paragraph. Actually, a good Tetris player always thinks about the next move by watching the incoming block while working out the current one. So, if there’s any level of prediction it really refers to a block coming after the one you see in the ‘ready’ box.


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