Tetris Neave

Tetris Neave

I had no clue what Neave means so I looked up in the urban dictionary and it says that neave means #cool#cute#handsome#dashing#neave. Dunno, really.

Anyway, Neave Tetris is a modern version of the original Tetris which tries to mimic the original as close as possible. We can’t have the exact original because it was deployed on different platforms (not PC) so this version is not bad at all. It’s actually quite basic as only the basic rules apply: You can choose any of ten levels. The blocks fall down from the top and your job is to put tiles as close one each to another as you can. When you fill up the row, it will diminish. That’s the idea. The worst case scenario is to stack blocks one on top of another and bring the game to the over in 10 seconds (which is also plausible).

The thing I dislike about Nueve Tetris is the fact you use arrow keys to rotate blocks. I prefer the space bar for that.


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